Help Shape President Obama’s Ed Team!

Linda Darling-Hammond

Linda Darling-Hammond

Just a quick post to suggest that you urge President Obama to add his advisor Linda Darling-Hammond to the top echelon of his Department of Education team lead by Education Secretary Arne Duncan. Darling-Hammond is more of a progressive educator, sympathetic with the kind of educational alternatives that I am advocating for, than Duncan and therefore an important addition to the DoE leadership team.

To send your thoughts to Obama on this issue click on the following link and participate in the effort on Darling-Hamilton’s behalf. The intro page you are directed to will give you more information about her and a sample letter that you can either send as is or customize to reflect your own words.

The more people that respond on this issue of course the better, so please pass the link on to any like minded friends and family to do so themselves.

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