My Own Unschooling Experiences

Most of the learning during my youth and young adulthood that is an important part of who I am today was done outside of, rather than in school. (Click the highlighted title to go to that post)

Unschooling in the Art of Travel – There is no greater developmental experience than travel framed as an adventure

Unschooling in the Art of Social Transformation – Learning the skills of collaboration, advocacy and leadership in the real world

Unschooling in the Art of Theater – Unique experiences collaborating with my fellow youth mounting a range of theatrical productions mostly outside the “command and control” of adults

Unschooling in the Art of War – Taking a “deep dive” into history, simulation and gaming theory and collaborating with like-minded youth and young adults on ever greater gaming projects

Unschooling in the Art of Religion – Looking at my lifelong interest in religious belief and practice which i pursued in various forms.

Unschooling in the Art of Writing
– My lifelong struggle to become a writer, though engaged in thru school, was most effectively developed outside school.

Unschooling in the Art of Self-Direction – Looking at how I developed my own compass and agency mostly outside of an school situation. Also how school first hindered and then assisted with developing my ability to direct my own life.

Unschooled by my Electronic Greek Chorus – The role popular music and particularly song lyrics have played in my development, and presumably in others of my generation

My Schooling vs My Job Skills Provenance – An inventory of the key skills I use in my paid work and whether they were learned in or outside of school.

Based on the depth of my own experience outside of school, when I realized that my kids’ development was being hindered by school, I was okay “letting them loose” on managing their own development…

Unschooling Rather than Highschooling – A summation of my kids’ major unschooling projects during the years they would conventionally be going to high school

Un-College – My kids’ major learning project done instead of going to college

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