An engraving of a Quaker meeting from Colonial America

“Governance” is a geeky word that causes many people to glaze over and think that this is something for academics and beyond anything we care about in the real world.

But the processes we follow to make decisions, including who are the decision makers and who gets to give input, are really fundamental to the the quality of the decisions that we make and the very nature of our society. Click on the highlighted title below to be taken to the full piece.

Process is More Important than Content – We are too often focused on what is decided rather than the process followed to make the decision. It is the concept of “governance” that is key to a functioning entity of any sort, whether a nation or a school.

Moving Toward a World with no Bosses – A simple way of framing our society’s transition from hierarchies of control towards a more egalitarian “circle of equals”.

It’s the Governance, Stupid! – How we make decisions is fundamental to how we are in community with each other, regardless of the content of those decisions.

Educational Transformation? It’s the Governance, Stupid! – The hidden secret to real transformation of our schools… changing the governance model to empower teachers and students.

The Spectatorization of American Politics – A look at the changing of citizen participation in politics from actor to spectator

Thoughts on Civilization, Privilege and Governance – My own thoughts on our human species’ experiment with “civilization”, implemented initially with a governing model involving a small elite controlling the rest of us, and how we now are in the midst of a grand transition to a more egalitarian model of governance.

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