Marshal McLuhan

One of my life’s “gurus” is media philosopher Marshall McLuhan who believed that we humans were profoundly impacted (mostly below the level of conscious awareness) by our communication technology. His mantra was “the media is the message” and he also came up with the term “global village”. (Click the highlighted title to read the entire piece.)

Mud Wrestling with Marshall McLuhan – Part 1 of a 3 part series giving an overview of McLuhan’s ideas based on his 1969 Playboy magazine interview.

Mud Wrestling with McLuhan Part 2 – Retribalization – Focusing in on McLuhan’s ideas about electronic media initiating a “retribalization” of human society.

Mud Wrestling with McLuhan Part 3 – Youth & Education – McLuhan’s critique of our education system, still stuck in a paradigm of industrialism and print media.

The Mechanical Bride – McLuhan’s analysis of U.S. culture in the 1950s based on looking thru the lens of its popular media, particularly advertisements and comics.

Retribalized by my Life’s Soundtrack: “Downtown” – Based on McLuhan’s ideas, looking at how electronic media, particularly popular music on the radio has impacted my life.

Tales of a Retribalized Knowledge Work in the Egalitarian Information Age – How my work environment has been totally transformed by electronic media from my parents’ generation

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  1. Alex… you definitely may have permission! I’d be thrilled and honored to have my pieces on McLuhan’s site. Please give me a heads up when any of them are posted.

    Here is a link to my page with links to all my McLuhan pieces.

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