Human Development

My thoughts on the overall concept and context of human development, beyond the specifics of education. Click the piece title to read the entire piece.

My Real Issue is Human Development – The real issue is not “education” but the broader concept of human development

My Take on the Goals of Human Development – My thoughts on what it means to be “more evolved”

Moving from Hierarchy to a Circle of Equals – What I see as the natural course of human societal evolution as we all become more capable beings.

Human Being 4.0: The Web Edition – Looking at human development around our communication technology

The Long Road to Agency – A look at human history and the trend to broaden the group of people who are encouraged to develop and navigate life by their own internal compass.

Some Thoughts on the Evolution of Consciousness – My own “meta” narrative of “life, the universe and everything”.

Thoughts on the Election and Human Progress – The five key things I focus on as part of my “ministry” to encourage human development.

Synergizing Entrepreneurship and a Strong Commons – My attempt to synthesize a path forward taking components from both conservative and progressive thinking.

The Devil in the Anatomical Details: Putting Gender in its Place – My thoughts on our emphasis on gender, and how I feel it holds back full human development.

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