Healthy & Green Living

I try hard to lead a life of health and balance in the midst of a culture that seems at time to be obsessed with the opposite.

The Politics of Walking (or Another One Rides the Bus) – The joy of being able to leave your house on foot and traverse the big city and experience community without hiding out in a car

Living an Intentional Life on a Random Day – Trying to live in the moment, in community, in the big city

Keeping My Feet Under Me and Staying off my Ass – Thoughts on crafting a healthy work environment while doing a conventionally sedentary job

Beyond Shop ’til We Drop
– Learning to live in balance with the world by dialing down the “shopping gene”

Diners, Drive-Ins, Dives and Dancing – Moving beyond the excesses of the Food Network to healthy eating and living

The Zen of Walking – Learning to be in the moment and at one with world around me pounding the pavement of my home town of Ann Arbor

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