Clubius Contained Part 27 – Out Sick (February 1965)

“Are you feeling better Coolie?” mom asked as I sat at the kitchen table eating Campbell’s chicken noodle soup out of a bowl. I nodded. I had opened the can and heated it up myself on the stove.

“Oh good”, she said as she turned back to a big metal tray full of little paper cups with dirt and small shiny green plants in them that she called “cuttings”. She had her garden clippers and was cutting off parts of some of the bigger plants and putting those new “cuttings” in a bowl that looked like it had a white paste in it. It was Friday, and I had been home from school all week.

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Clubius Contained Part 26 – Snow Day (November 1964)

It was Monday morning and I woke up to that disc jockey guy on the radio on CKLW again just talking away about the weather…

Twenty twenty weather word, “snow”. It’s comin down boys and girls, flake by flake, inch by inch, maybe nine inches before it’s done in the Detroit Metro area, and it’s not even Thanksgiving yet. Thanks for nothing, mother nature! Unless you’re a kid whose school is closed today, and then all hail the weather goddess! Temp in the high teens this morning… hi all you teens out there… but barely breaking thirty this afternoon. But somebody please “break it” to Tommy James and the Shondells that no school is no excuse for bad behavior…

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Clubius Contained Part 25 – Fifth Grade (September 1964)

I woke up to that guy on the radio, that “disc jockey” guy, talking in his fast way that kind of went up and down and was almost like singing, but not really. Dad had gotten David and I a “clock radio” to help us wake up for school in the morning, though David usually was already up before it went off. Instead of the alarm, I had moved the little switch on the side to turn on the radio at 7:45, which we usually had on that CKLW station at the “8” on my little transistor radio but at “80” on this new bigger radio. After a bunch of other words all over the place he said…

Twenty twenty weather word, “muggy”. Low sixties this morning but a humid near ninety, yes nine zero boys and girls, this very afternoon. So much for Labor Day being the end of summer! And Martha Reeves and the Vandellas’ new hit’s got something to say about just walking to school this morning…

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Clubius Contained Part 24 – Burns Park (August 1964)

Looking down the length of Burns Park with the school at the far end

It was just a week ago that we moved here. Mom said we needed to move for her “mental health”, so “your dad and I can have more of the kind of life we imagined when we agreed to get married”, and so “I can continue to do all those things you need your mom to do for you”. Yeah, she said all that, and I guess it all made sense, but mom was always good at figuring out what to say so it at least sounded like it made sense, so I was never completely sure.

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Clubius Contained Part 23 – In the Lilac Bushes (June 1964)

It was the last day of school. I was finally done with fourth grade. The last day of school was my FAVORITE day of the whole year because I didn’t have to have grownups in charge of me anymore, or at least until fifth grade started in the fall. It was better than Christmas OR my birthday, which were my second and third favorite days of the year. And as you can probably figure out, the first day of school in the fall was my least favorite day of the year. That’s when grownups being in charge of me started again.

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Clubius Contained Part 22 – Panic Attack (April 1964)

Aunt Pat kissed me on the cheek, looked at me and said, “Tell your mom I’m thinking of her and that you and your Aunt ‘Hant’ Pat had a great time together and you’re welcome back any time!” I nodded and told her that I would. Aunt Pat liked to tease me that before I knew what an “aunt” was, I thought her regular name was “Hant Pat”. And then when I found out what an “aunt” was, and figured out that was what she was, I called her “Aunt Hant Pat”. I usually didn’t like people teasing me, but because it was her, and she felt like my big grown up older sister, I was okay, but only on this one thing.

“And tell her”, she said grinning, “That you insisted on wearing these same pants every day you were here, despite having others in your suitcase and these probably in great need of a wash at this point.” She laughed through her nose like a grownup. I pushed my lips together and didn’t nod or say anything. Those pants with the stripes down the side WERE my favorite.

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Clubius Contained Part 21 – D-Day (January 1964)

The biggest present I got for Christmas was from “Santa”, which I knew now was really mom and dad. But mom wanted to keep pretending that Santa was real, maybe for David, because he was still a little kid. Or maybe because mom just liked Santa a lot, even though he was pretend. Like David and I liked our toy soldier Lieutenant Cord a lot, and had a funeral for him when he died and buried him in the backyard, even though HE was pretend. And the presents from “Santa” were always really good ones, so I went along with mom and dad’s pretending.

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Clubius Contained Part 20 – Assassinated (November 1963)

I was excited that even though it was Friday, I didn’t have to go to school today. Mom said there were “parent-teacher conferences” instead of a regular school day, and she walked to my school, instead of me and David, to meet my teacher Mrs Larkin and see my classroom. She also talked to David’s kindergarten teacher, who she already knew. Dad “had the car” and had gone to his “Eastern” place to do his teaching this morning, but would be back by lunchtime. So while mom was gone too, she said I was “in charge”, like a babysitter. I thought that was pretty neat.

David and I went over to Allmendinger park to play. I was worried since I was in charge of him that maybe I’d have to go just to where he wanted to go. But when he saw his friends Hannah and Jimmie he said he wanted to go play with them and I didn’t have to go with him. I wasn’t sure if that was because he was helping me play with my own friends or helping himself play with his own friends without me watching. But either way it was better for me too.

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Clubius Contained Part 19 – Fourth Grade (September 1963)

My fourth grade teacher, Mrs Larkin, was different than all the other teachers I had had. I mean, she was a regular grownup like my third grade teacher Mrs Rodney and my second grade teacher Mrs Camden. My first grade teacher, Miss Zimmerman, didn’t even seem like a real grownup. She was more like a really older kid, like Margie but even older, or like one of dad’s “college students”.

Mrs Rodney and Mrs Camden seemed like they had one way to teach you stuff and you had to do it that way and then they liked you and gave you good grades. But Mrs Larkin seemed like she was always looking for different ways to do things and was interested if you had a different way of learning something. Like learning about plants. When Amanda suggested that we all bring in plants we found, a leaf from a tree, a flower, or even just a piece of grass, Mrs Larkin would help us figure out what kind of plant it was and stuff about how it worked, what it did in the winter, stuff like that.

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Clubius Contained Part 18 – Saugatuck (August 1963)

“Cooper, wake up”, dad whispered, and I felt something shaking my foot under my covers, “Molly’s here and it’s time for your big trip.” I had trouble opening my eyes and figuring out what was going on. Everything was dark, but then I remembered they would be here super early to pick me up.

“Is he awake?” I heard Molly’s voice whispering.

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