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Thoughts about “Emerging Adulthood” as a New Developmental Phase

My 21-year-old daughter Emma alerted me and her mom last week about this New York Times article, “What is it about 20-Somethings?” by Robin Henig. Emma had heard about it from her brother Eric’s girlfriend Sarah (another 20-something), who apparently has seen it in the New York Times. Emma said in her email to her mom and me…

Not sure if either of you caught Sarah posting a link to this on Facebook. It’s a long article but its well worth the read, absolutely along the lines of your philosophies around youth, and undoubtedly a great subject for a new blog piece!

Emma’s words gave the article a positive spin, and I had the article in my queue to read when my 30-something friend Emily emailed my yesterday to say…

I’m curious to know what you think about this article and the case for “emerging adulthood.” Let me know.

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Five Themes of American Conventional Wisdom Part 2: Scientism & the Culture of Professionalism

Following up on yesterday’s post, “Five Themes of American Conventional Wisdom”, I continue the thread by looking at my friend Ron Miller’s second theme (from his book, What Are Schools For?) which he labels as “Scientific Reductionism”. What intrigues me most in his text is his description of science as a belief system or “ism” (scientism) and the “culture of professionalism” that emerged in America from that belief system.

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