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Prescription for Education

For a year we medicating our son with the stimulant Adderall, after an ADD diagnosis, to try and make him better able to successfully navigate and perform in the conventional academic environments of his middle school, but eventually realizing that we were instead dishonoring and disrespecting who he was.

Our son Eric had always had a crisp and incisive mind, but like me he seemed to be “right brained”, that is he was highly creative and his thinking process were very non-linear, his mind taking off in several directions at once based on any stimulus. That mind served him well in all his venues – including home, travel, preschool and early elementary school – for the first seven years of his young life. He actively pursued areas of interest, enjoyed the wisdom of others, absorbed and synthesized huge amounts of information and experience, and was a joy to the adults – parents (most of the time), relatives and teachers – that he interacted with. Continue reading →