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Human Being 4.0: The Web Edition

For better or worse, whether in the context of a “global village” or a “brave new world”, the Internet has given many of us a larger presence in the world that may well be redefining what it means to be human. If we have email addresses, contributions to on-line listservs and forums, social networking pages, blogs, websites and other such virtual edifices, our availability to be viewed, reviewed, and connected with is a quantum leap beyond the pre-web days when most of us just had a phone number and a street address. And as we continue to live our lives we have an ever-growing artifact trail accessible to anyone with a browser, much of it perhaps beyond our control and not necessarily what we would choose to share with strangers or maybe even friends and family. This virtual edifice of artifacts, words and pictures of ourselves captured as binary information in electronic data repositories, that continues even past our death.

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