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The Internet

The Internet as a profound new human institution and the harbinger of a new age. Click on the highlighted title to view the entire piece….

Thoughts on the Internet – Coming to grips with the Web as a venue for the pursuit and storage of knowledge

Destruction of Wealth? Better Google Google! – Looking at a new “freeware” model that Google’s business plan highlights

Human Being 4.0: The Web Edition – Looking at human development around our communication technology

Browse and Ye Shall Find – The Web rising to an even spiritual place

Embracing a Successful Anarchic Institution – Looking at the informal governance model of the Web as perhaps the wave of the future

Massively Multi-Player on the World Wide Web – My kids find  a compelling virtual world full of learning opportunities on the Web

The Adventures of an Unschooler on the Virtual High Seas – My daughter becomes a writer telling tales of her avatar on the “high seas”

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