Coop Goes to Europe Part 31 – Starting Home

It was still Friday November 30th when I parted company with Beth at the Interlaken train station and boarded the train to Bern, from where yet another train would take me to Munich, scheduled to arrive at my destination about 9pm. She had been the last vestige of the little community of backpacker types we […]

Coop Goes to Europe Part 30 – Beth

It was Friday November 30th and I awoke to the diffused light through the high windows of the bunkroom indicating another cloudy day. I had not slept well overnight, my mind buzzing with so many thoughts about the experiences I had had here over the past three days, the little temporary community we had built […]

Coop Goes to Europe Part 27 – Down the Hill

It was still Tuesday November 27 in the Grindelwald youth hostel and as most of us were finishing our hostel supplied dinner somebody in the group shouted out, “See you at the pub!” and everyone else laughed. I noticed that some people were hanging on to their plastic trays after bussing all their dishes and […]

Coop Goes to Europe Part 25 – Under the Alps

It was Sunday November 25, 1973 as I sat on a bench on the platform at the Venice train station waiting for the train that would take me to Switzerland and an anticipated Alpine paradise. I saw a couple other what looked like Americans roughly my age with their long hair and backpacks, but I […]

Coop Goes to Europe Part 24 – Venice

It was still Sunday November 23, and I was still processing my encounter on the train with Sophia, as I proceeded from the train platform to find my way to the hostel. Though I was longing to just flee Italy and go to Grindelwald in the Swiss Alps, I was determined to complete the Rome-Florence-Venice […]

Coop Goes to Europe Part 22 – Firenze

It was Tuesday November 20 1973 when I awoke in the male bunk room of the youth hostel in Florence, or as I was referring to it now by it’s suaver sounding real Italian name, “Firenze”. I had arrived at the hostel the previous evening with a big throng of my cohort, all of us […]

Coop Goes to Europe Part 21 – Trix

It was November 19 1973 and I boarded the train headed northeast from Rome to Florence. It was a Monday, not that I kept track of what day it was since the days of the week made no difference to me, except maybe for Sunday, where in some of the more traditional areas, some of […]

Coop Goes to Europe Part 19 – Rome

It was Wednesday November 14 and the morning sun lit the interior of the Basel train station where I still sat waiting for the train to Rome. I had said goodbye to Steve yesterday evening in Mulhouse where I had to wait in the train station for the next train from Bar-sur-Aube to bring my […]

Coop Goes to Europe Part 18 – Bar-sur-Aube

It was late morning on Sunday November 11 when Steve and I left the Rue Titon hostel in Paris and its coterie of vivacious young female types, including foxy, flirtatious though thoroughly fascist Jeanette, who worked at the hostel desk and railed about the supposed scourge of criminal Algerians in Paris. Turns out, besides being […]

Coop Goes to Europe Part 16 – Walter

Our train left the Madrid central train station a little after 10:30pm on Wednesday November 7 1973, headed north to the French border. From there my travel partner Steve and I planned to hitchhike back to Paris, where we had met each other three weeks ago. After spending a couple more days in the French […]