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My Kids’ Unschooling Sagas

The sequence of events that led to having our kids leave school, and the major self-initiated projects they engaged in when they were directing their own education. Click the highlighted title to open up the post…

F**k Math – Our son Eric’s increasing trouble doing math problems that eventually poisoned the school environment for him.

Prescription for Education – Giving our son Eric Adderall in an attempt to keep him functional in a school environment that was profoundly wrong for him.

Crying on the Curb – Attempting to practice tough love and finally throwing in the towel and pulling Eric of school.

Taking Eric out of School – Pulling Eric out of school in the middle of 8th grade and wrestling with what to do next.

Becoming your Genuine Self – An “interview” with my son Eric.

Massively Multiplayer on the World Wide Web – My kids discover a developmental world in multiplayer role-playing gaming on the Internet.

Cross Country Train – Eric takes his grandma Jane cross country on the train.

Camps, Cons & Compasses – My kids focus their energies on building youth communities.

Techies - Eric and three friends start a business.

Adventures of an Unschooler on the Virtual High Seas – Emma cuts her teeth as a writer of fantasy fiction weaving her characters into a collective story with others on the web.

Mom & Pop Coffee Shop – Emma finds jobs to push her developmental envelope.

The Unschool Pursuit of French – Emma & friend pursue fluency in the French language wide and far.

Unschooling Rather than Highschooling – A summation of my kids’ major unschooling projects during the years they would conventionally be going to high school

Un-College – My kids’ major learning project done instead of going to college

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2 Responses to “My Kids’ Unschooling Sagas”

  1. Cooper Zale Says:

    I would be interested in your take on the above series of posts. Please take the time to write a comment, even a short one!

  2. Dee Says:

    Cooper, I’ve enjoyed reading about your children’s journeys even as it terrifies me. I see the potential for my son’s future in an unschooling experiment. It terrifies me because at this point (he’s 11), unschooling for him would involve vast amounts of unmonitored television, and bad television at that. I would like to hope that he would become bored with it and seek out some higher, self-directed learning…but am not convinced that he would. He likes to learn and is curious but often has to be dragged along the way before he realizes that he is interested.

    I would also love to see a story about an unschooled child who doesn’t just survive in the the adult world, but kicks butt. It’s not that I feel “success” (whatever that is) is the only route to happiness, but seeing my husband as the grownup version of my son, I’m scared. Without me, my husband might be homeless, or living on his mom’s couch. He’s got skills, but cannot apply them. He’s got talent, but no ambition. I want more – much more – for my son. I want him to express his creativity in a way that not only nourishes his soul but also puts food on the table and lets him see the world.

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