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Education Alternatives Primer

The Case for Many Educational Paths – The basic case for moving beyond a one-size-fits-all school system

Alternative Schools 101 – My take on the three basic categories of schools

Alternative Schools 102 – A look at three key historical champions of profoundly different approaches to education

Critical Pedagogy – One of many educational paths, specifically designed for marginalized communities

Let’s Ask Schools to Fix Society’s Problems – A follow-up on “Critical Pedagogy” and circumstances where it is an option to consider

What is a Democratic Free School? – A look at the basic components of this compelling school model based on the democratic process and learner-driven education

A Parent’s Wish for more Sensible Schools – An educational model that lets students work at their own pace

Alternative Charter School – A tale of the rise and fall of a Dewey-based charter school in the context of standardized education

Further Thoughts on Charter Schools – The role charters can play in promoting educational diversity

So Why Have Educational Alternatives not Caught On? – A look at the specific values and trends in US society and culture

Happy Birthday John Holt – The “Patron Saint” of Unschooling - A look at the life and work of a radical educator

Thoughts on (some) Liberals Homeschooling our Kids – My response to an article criticizing political progressives for pulling their kids out of and thus not properly supporting our public schools

Thoughts on Maria Montessori – Looking at the life of a brilliant educational visionary whose ideas unfortunately had little impact on American public schools, but have spawned thousands of private schools around the world with her name.

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